We are Otago and Southland’s Liquid Waste Management & Event Specialists. Discover what we do:

SJ Allen Holdings specialize in cleaning all types and sizes of septic tanks and septic holding tanks. Our vacuum trucks range in sizes of 3,500Lt to 12,000Lt and are equipped with extra lengths of hose to ensure we can reach septic tanks in difficult or tight locations.

A healthy septic tank is regularly cleaned every 3 to 5 years. The frequency of the cleaning cycle of your septic tank depends on a few different factors including the size and capacity of your tank, type of septic tank system and how many people live on the property and are using the septic tank.  

We are available 24/7 for all septic tank emergencies.

A grease trap is a plumbing device designed to collect all fats, oils and grease (FOGs) from commercial kitchens to prevent them from entering into our wastewater systems. They are commonly found in restaurants, cafés, takeaway shops and other places where a commercial kitchen is in use such as a rest home or a school.

SJ Allen Holdings can take the hassle out of remembering when your grease trap is due to be serviced using our electronic workflow systems, we can place your sumps on an automated, regular cleaning schedule offering preventative maintenance.

Hydro excavation is a safe and effective way to dig into the ground while protecting all underground assets. It uses high pressure water to break up soil and the ground while the vacuum hose simultaneously sucks up all debris. Using hydro excavation means safely avoiding underground assets being damaged by traditional excavation methods.

Our operators are experienced and highly trained in hydro excavation, and always work with all appropriate PPE gear required. We pride ourselves in providing an efficient and safe service using our 5,000 Lt and 12,000Lt hydro excavation trucks.

Hydro Jetting is a process of using a high-pressure water jet to clean and clear pipes, drains, and sewer lines from clogs and debris. It is a non-invasive, powerful, and environmentally friendly method that involves a hose, a nozzle, and a water pressure machine. Hydro Jetting can remove scale, grease, dirt, oil, and other buildup that accumulates inside the pipe walls over time

Sumps are designed to catch silt, mud, organic matter, and rubbish from entering our stormwater systems to protect our rivers, lakes and oceans. Different types of sumps include mud tanks, culverts, truck wash, and oil interceptors. If left unmaintained sumps will block up and eventually flood.

Using our electronic workflow systems, we can place your sumps on an automated, regular cleaning schedule offering preventative maintenance, flood prevention and effectively minimizes damage to your infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of portable toilets and servicing options from building sites to events. We have standard long drops, flushing long drops, towable flushing portaloo, enhanced access portaloos and urinals. 

We also service privately owned  portaloos, Our team will always leave your portaloo clean, fresh and fully stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitiser

We have facilities to dispose of wine wastewater and grape marc, Give us a call to speak about your wine waste disposal requirements.

SJ Allen Holdings provides freshwater delivery services to Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes. Our tank has the capacity to deliver 10,000Lt of fresh water for all domestic and commercial uses. 

Our tank is transported via 20T hook lift truck and has been designed to be left on site, fitted with taps this is a perfect option for all large scale events. 

We are approved water carriers with Taumata Arowai and all of our water is safely sourced from Council maintained hydrant pumps. Our operators are expertly trained and guarantee the safety of all water we deliver to your premise.

Pump Stations management plans are crucial for managing wastewater and stormwater and require regular maintenance to ensure their optimal performance and longevity.

Using our electronic workflow systems, we can conduct periodic inspections to assess the overall condition of the pump station. 

This includes checking for any signs of wear, leaks, or malfunctioning components.Cleaning and Debris Removal: Regularly clean pump components to prevent clogs and impeller blockages. Remove debris from the pump intake and wet well.

Emergency Spill Response 

Need a spill urgently cleaned? We are available 24/7 for all types of emergency spill response.

SJ Allen Holdings can help with all types of industrial liquid waste removal backed by our specialist fleet of trucks, equipment and safety practices.

SJ Allen Holdings provides commercial rubbish and recycling services to restaurants in the Queenstown Lakes. 

We also provide tailored packages for private residential communities.

Events & Hire Services

We ensure your event runs smoothly by providing top-quality facilities and secure enclosures.

We’ve been apart of Gibbston Valley Concert, Queenstown Marathon, R&A, Bay Dreams, Arrowtown Autumn Festival, Alexandra Blossom Festival, Motatapu and Cromwell Races to name a few.

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